Hodder Headline The publisher of Motherland, as well several other more boring books.
Voice Maria’s American publisher. She likes saying that, so here it is again: Maria’s American publisher.
Bantam Matt’s new publisher. He loves them. They love him. Hey, it’s their honeymoon.
HarperCollins Matt’s old publisher. The divorce was all very amicable. He kept the house, the car and the Warhol prints. They got the dog and the crappy compilation CDs. But, honestly, they’re still good friends.
Avon Not the famous doorstep supplier of beauty products, but the excellent publisher of Rubbish Boyfriends. According to Jessie Jones, they rock.
Chick Lit Club These guys made Maria’s Motherland their Book of the Year for 2007. If that isn’t worth a link, we don’t know what is. Glimpse what Matt is listening to right now – a window into his very soul. Forget pornography and shopping; is what the internet was invented for.
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